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Costa Rica – Crocodiles, Surfing, and Exploring!

We spent 4 days in Costa Rica surfing, hiking, and filming.  This beautiful country has everything a drone enthusiast loves; big waves, empty beaches, tall mountains, and a laid back culture that is as exciting about your filming as you are.


We spent time in the busy Playa Jaco, shopping and talking with locals.  We surfed in Playa Jaco, but didn’t find too many good waves there.  We hiked a nearby mountain which provided an amazing view over the entire Jaco area.  This can be seen at about the 1 minute and 10 second mark in the video.


Playa Hermosa was another story.  We surfed in 8-12 foot barreling surf.  Hermosa is highlighted a lot in our videos because the footage was just too good to pass up.  We met with a lot of locals and professional surfers who spend their time training and teaching surf lessons at Playa Hermosa.


Playa Esterillos was a quiet, empty beach that offered miles of clean surf with no competition.  The lineup at Esterillos was empty for as far as you could see.  The surf was less violent than Hermosa, which was a welcome escape from the danger.


Manuel Antonio was a little more crowded, as it draws in quite a few tourists.  The scenery was absolutely stunning as you are surrounded by mountains.  Huge rock formations can be seen just off the coast.  Manuel Antonio has lots of wildlife to offer as well.  We were unfortunately unable to film much here due to rainy weather.

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