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Costa Rica – Crocodiles, Surfing, and Exploring!

We spent 4 days in Costa Rica surfing, hiking, and filming.  This beautiful country has everything a drone enthusiast loves; big waves, empty beaches, tall mountains, and a laid back culture that is as exciting about your filming as you are.   We spent time in the...

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FPV (First-Person View) Flying

Flying FPV is a great way to send your drone to places you can't physically go.  Before taking off on an FPV flight, there are a number of things to consider.   Proper UAV operation would require that the operator is within site of the...

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Drone tips for beginners

We have spent countless hours flying and practicing with our drones.  We've achieved some amazing shots, but we've also had a few close calls.  We really wanted to put together a list of tips for new pilots.  We hope this helps you learn from our...

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Professional Drone Photography in Orlando

Our batteries are charged, propellers installed and we are ready to fly! It has taken several months to get everything lined up, but at last we are ready to start shooting real commercial photography. We've been shooting for a while now and have some demo...

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